Bergamot Essential Oil Set, 2*10 ml Pure Fruit Fragrance Oils for Diffuser, Home Natural Aromatherapy Bergamot Oils for Sparoom, Large Bedroom, Soap Candles Making, Sleep, Essential Oil Gifts


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  • Precautions – Our Holiday Essential Oils or Energy essential oil Have a Relatively High Concentration and Need to Be Diluted Before Use to Avoid Skin Allergies. In Addition, Our single Essential Oils Cannot be Taken Internally, But Only Use Externally; If You Have Any Questions, You Can Contact Us.
  • essential oil Manufacturer – We Have Cultivation Basesand Extraction Laboratories Focus Essential Oil and Fragrance Oils. You can Also Custo Mize Your Own Blend Essential Oil, We Have Professional Perfumers!
  • How to Use it Better – Fill a Spray Bottle with Water and Add a Few Drops of Essential Oil for Soap Making, then Spray 2-3 Times Into the Air to Spread the Smell to Any Corner of the Room. You Can Also Add a Add 1-2 Drops of Wool Dryer Balls Essential Oil to Your Clothes and Put Them in the Dryer, When Your Clothes are Blown Dry, Your Clothes will be Scented. Plus it too Makes Great Essential Oil Gifts for Women.
  • Fresh and Charming Smell – This Fruity Scented Oils The Smell That Comes Out Smells Cool and Fresh. Just Add a Few Drops to a Diffuser or Sprayer, Giving You a Different Fruity Aroma. Each Good Essential Fragrance Oil is Tested for its Constituents as Well as Having No Fillers, Additives and Being Undiluted. Our Aromatherapy Essential Oils Can Make You Feel Comfortable and Happy.
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  • Suitable for a Variety of Environments and Uses – Our Sparoom Essential Oil is Suitable for Home Care, Offices, Outdoors, Campgrounds, Yoga Studios, Cars, Spas, and More. You Can Also Use This Dryer Balls Essential Oil to Make Your Own Candles and Soaps, Used for Air Freshener Spray, Cleaning, Humidifier, DIY, Bath Bombs, Use Your Imagination to Create Your Own Essential Oil.

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How to use Geranium essential oil: 1.Aromatherapy: Combine 5-7 drops of the oil with water and add to an oil burner. Alternatively, place 5-7 drops in a diffuser. 2.Massage: Dilute 5 drops to 10ml of carrier oil and massage into skin. 3.Bath: Add 6-8 drops to warm bathwater. 4.Skincare: Use in an aromatherapy steam facial to beautify skin.;Add a drop to your moisturizer for a smoothing effect. 5.Hair Care: Geranium is great for both dry and oily hair. Apply a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner bottle or make your own deep hair conditioner. 5.Potpourri: Add a few drops to potpourri creations to enhance scent.

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