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Essential oils have become a fan-favorite in the wellness space—and it’s not hard to understand why. The fragrant oils are said to be great for everything from  to boosting energy and concentration.(And even if you don’t go in for that stuff, you have to admit—they smell pretty great.)

Essential oils often inspire the slight nudge you need to relax, reset, energize and reconnect,” says nutritional energy practitioner Serena Poon. “They [can be] a wonderful value add to your self-care routine and can add a little luxury to otherwise mundane daily experiences.”

Some essential oils are said to soothe sore muscles, and eucalyptus essential oil is one of them.8 Plus, the earthy oil smells incredible. (There are some things you do not want to sniff after a workout. But you can rest assured knowing eucalyptus essential oil should smell refreshing, rather than overwhelming.) Majestic Pure’s Eucalyptus Essential Oil comes in a 118-milliliter bottle that should give plenty of fresh oil. So spray the stuff on your yoga mat, your towels, and any other post-workout go-to’s.

Price at time of publish: $16.29 for eucalyptus

Scent: Eucalyptus | Size: 4 fl. oz


What to Look For in an Essential Oil on Amazon


One of the primary benefits of essential oils is that they smell great, so start by finding a scent you love. “The main criteria is that you feel soothed, supported, or elevated by the essential oil,” says Poon. This may take a little trial and error, so be patient and keep experimenting. 

Use case

You can use essential oils to set the mood during your workday, your workouts, your bedtime routine, and everything in between. So consider what you want to smell during those moments. You can do a little research about the purported benefits of certain essential oils, or you can keep your focus on the scents. Then, start experimenting with a few essential oils, and stock up on the ones you love having in your routine.


“Make sure that you are choosing a high-quality oil,” says Poon. She recommends culinary-grade essential oils for food and drinks and therapeutic-grade essential oils for everything else. And remember, it is possible to be allergic to essential oils. So start by testing a small dab of a given oil, and see how you react to it. “Hives, trouble breathing, [or] itchy or red skin could be indications of an allergy,” says Poon.

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